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Marriage laws vary by state, including who can get married, where, when and how! 

Here's some info on the basic requirements for civil marriage in MA and links for more info.

  • Weddings can be conducted by clergy, a Justice of the Peace, or an individual with a one-day designation to perform a specific wedding

  • There is no restriction on where a wedding must happen to be official, but if you want to get married on public property like a state park or on the beach, you'll need to apply for a permit

  • Before you can get married, you and your partner will need to go to your city or town clerk (located at city/town hall) and file a notice of intention of marriage. You should both bring:

    • Proof of your age, such as a birth certificate or passport

    • Your Social Security number

    • Payment for fees, which vary by town

    • The names each of you will use after the wedding if you’ve decided to change it

    • No blood test is required to get married in Mass, but you can't be already married to someone else or be related to the person you intend to marry.  You generally need to be 18 or older to get married, but minors can get married in MA with permission from a court

  • You may need to make an appointment, depending on your city or town

  • You will then receive a marriage license

    • A marriage license is different from a marriage certificate.  The marriage license needs to be obtained before the ceremony takes place.  It is filled out and filed be your officiant, and you'll then receive your marriage certificate in the mail​

  • There is a three day waiting period from when you apply for a lice​nse and when you receive it. If you need to, you can ask a court to waive the waiting period by filing for a marriage without delay. 

  • Give your license to your officiant. You will have the ceremony, and you and your officiant will sign the license. Your officiant will file the license with the city/town clerk within 60 days of the date it was issued. 

  • You will then receive the marriage certificate.  This is the document that proves you are married.  You'll need it to change your name and for other situations that require proof of marriage.  I recommend ordering extra copies of your marriage certificate with your clerk's office.  They charge a fee, but in my experience you'll need several originals if you plan to change your name! 

There are lots of steps to make sure you've done the process right, but I promise, I'll make it simple and stress-free.  I will guide you every step of the way!  

Use the chat or email me for more info!

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